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New Career Options in India

Selecting the best career for yourself is the most important decision of a person’s life. Many students get confused in their class Xth and class XIIth regarding what stream to choose from Science, Maths or Humanities/Arts. Apart from the common career options like Management, Engineering, Finance or Arts, there are several other options available in different fields. The choice of such fields depends on the interest of the person and how keen are they to get into it. Here are some of the fields other than the common ones:

Social Work
Are you one of those people who find happiness in helping others? Or are you that passionate to dedicate all your time to improve someone’s life rather than caring about your own life? If the answer is yes, then Social Work is the perfect option for you. This is a kind of work which provides you with mental satisfaction. In other words, it can be called as ‘pure charity work’. It’s all about helping others, such as making prevention efforts for childhood violence.

Adventure Sports
Yes, you read it right. One can choose ‘adventure sports’ as a career, once they are expert in it. Everyone has a hobby, be it gardening, dancing, sports, and so on. If taken seriously, some of these can become a profession. Adventure sports are divided into three categories, which are, water sports, air sports and land sports. Air Sports include bungee jumping, skydiving etc. Water Sports include River Rafting, Wind Surfing etc. Land Sports include Rock Climbing, Trekking etc.

Calligraphy is an art of beautiful handwriting. It is used for creating fonts, and is a beautiful way of expressing someone’s thoughts through creativity and designing. Calligraphy is derived from two words ‘kalli’ and ‘graphia’. ‘kalli’ means beautiful and ‘graphia’ means writing. Earlier, calligraphy was not so famous, but nowadays people have started appreciating and demand for its use in the form of paintings, wedding invitations, ceramics etc. It is also used on the human body in the form of tattoos.

Dance is an old tradition in India. This tradition is now in different forms like, Bollywood, jazz, bhangra, classical, contemporary etc. in different states of India. Dance is something which expresses someone’s feelings, be it happiness or sadness. One can be a professional dancer through some serious training and passion. Choreographer, Performer and Teacher can be the different options for careers in this field.

Similarly, there are lots of career options available nowadays in every field. One just needs to identify their interest and then can pursue a professional degree from it. This way it can be a part of enjoyment as well as good career option.

Post by career-options-in-india (2016-09-30 04:32)

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